We encourage parents to schedule their child's first visit by age three or once all 20 baby teeth are visible, whichever is sooner. Regular cleanings, at least twice yearly, help maintain oral health and are an important step in preventing the onset of oral health issues. Beyond twice-daily brushing and flossing, it is the single most important way to maintain a healthy smile. 

Your child's cleaning may include scaling, polishing, and a fluoride application. Scaling helps to remove plaque and calculus that forms in areas missed during daily brushing. A fluoride treatment may be recommended to help prevent future tooth decay. Regardless, a cleaning will always be followed with an exam by Dr. Bozic. 


During an exam, Dr. Bozic will review anything uncovered during the cleaning, examine the teeth and gums, and review x-rays, if applicable, to check for proper development, help identify tooth decay, and determine if additional treatment is required.

Dr. Bozic will also assess your child's oral hygiene and provide recommendations aimed at making future visits even better than the last. 


X-rays are an important tool in the early discovery of tooth decay, impacted teeth, and other sometimes hidden oral concerns. Panoramic x-rays are used to monitor and ensure the proper development of a child's teeth. 


Sealants may be recommended as an additional preventative measure. Sealants help protect the biting surfaces of the teeth. The tooth-colored material is applied into the grooves of the teeth and acts as a barrier, protecting them from plaque and acid.

The earlier sealants are applied to erupted permanent molars, the better protection they can provide. A single application may last for a number of years, helping prevent future decay. 


Surgery may be required to correct oral health issues or to address high levels of decay. If required, children are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with a surgery and recovery plan discussed upfront and in detail with parents. 


For more information, please consult with Dr. Bozic, one of his staff, or Contact Us.